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Tourist, Family or Business Visas.
Note: This service is currently available for Karachi Residents only.

Best Australia Immigration Consultant in Karachi Pakistan Superior Consulting Adil Ismail.

Australian Visitor Visas:


Tourist Visa 

A temporary visa allowing a stay in Australia of up to three or six or 12 months. Applicants can apply from both outside and in Australia. Some tourists are eligible to lodge an online application for an e676 Tourist visa.


In order to meet the eligibility criteria for a tourist visa, you will need to prove to the immigration authorities the following things:

•    You have a valid passport
•    You are in good health
•    You have the financial resources means required to pay for your expenses 
•    You have a residence outside intended visiting country and other binding ties that will ensure your return home after your visit to the intended country.
•    You plan to remain in the intended country for a specific and limited period of time
•    You intend to leave the intended country at the end of your visit
•    You have no intention to seek or undertake employment while staying in the intended country.
•    You have no criminal record
•    You do not pose a security risk
•    You agree to abide by the laws of the land


Five Reasons to Visit Australia as a Tourist:


1. it's nature at its most spectacular. From waterfalls to wildlife, from tropical fish to terrifying crocodiles, from rainforests to romantic beaches, Australia packs in plenty to please nature-lovers from the world over. After all, it boasts 17 World Heritage Sites, including Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef and Wet Tropics, Tasmania’s Wilderness and Western Australia’s Shark Bay.



2. It’s perfect for self-drive holidays. Australia’s scenic coastal roads like Queensland’s Great Sunshine Way, New South Wales’ Grand Pacific Drive, Tasmania’s Heritage Highway, Victoria’s Great Ocean Road and Perth’s Margaret River take visitors through to its colorful landscape. But don’t be in a rush to get the destination – stop by along the way to explore vast wineries, luxuriant rainforests, dramatic cliff tops, and charming mountain retreats.


3. It’s chock-a-block with culture, recreation, and entertainment. Vibrant, casual and cosmopolitan, Australia’s eight cities make excellent holiday stops for avid jet-setters. Its irresistible combination of eclectic architecture, world-famous festivals and laidback lifestyle throws up a heap of R&R options, whenever and wherever. It’s brimming with beautiful beaches. 


Life’s literally a beach here. Australia is the only island continent in the world, with shores bathed by the Pacific, Indian and Southern Oceans, and waters stretching from the tropics to the Antarctic. Sip on a latte at a beachfront cafe, stroll barefoot along the powdery-soft sand, or get up close and personal with natives like kangaroos, dolphins, and sea-lions.


4. It’s every foodie’s delight. Greek, Italian, Vietnamese, Japanese, French, Chinese, Thai… these are only some of the cuisines served throughout Australia. With microclimates ranging from the tropical heat in the North to the cool temperatures in the South, it boasts a wide range of fresh produce such as macadamia nuts, mussels, and Chardonnay grapes.


5. World-class dining options led by acclaimed chefs, including Tetsuya’s and Rockpool, abound, as do homely eateries that churn out yummy fish and chips. Taste is as important as ambiance; you can order dinner in the desert of Uluru, savor a feast in a World Heritage rainforest, or even catch and barbecue a barramundi.


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